Stone Names- Cubic Zirconia

Stone Names- Cubic Zirconia

Posted by Jessika Dazzle and AlaM on Dec 3rd 2016


Cubic Zirconia

ri06-03630-49822.jpgAGrade CZ AAA Grade CZ is a man-made stone, in which its refractive index, dispersion and hardness is extremely close to those of a natural diamond. It also creates more flashes of color, giving it a fiery and brilliant appearance.
Cracked CZ Cracked CZ is a form of cubic zirconia, its appearance modified to look as if it is cracked on the inside, and therefore giving it the name cracked CZ.
Milky CZ Milky CZ is another form of cubic zirconia, altered to make its form look milky. It comes in various colors, and can be cut into any shape.